Understanding Shadow IT

Understanding Shadow IT

Understanding Shadow IT is essential as an insurance agent, especially if your client encounters it. There are rules for a reason: to establish boundaries and protect operations. However, sometimes employees may look the other way regarding technology, using devices and services without company approval. Shadow IT proves problematic as it exposes establishments, making them vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

Shadow IT: The Variables

Agents can work with their clients to discuss the potential for security issues. Encourage them to become aware of popular Shadow IT practices and learn to minimize their exposure.

Types of Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, hackers continue to find numerous methods to infiltrate systems. They want to find a way to locate information, steal data and gain finances. Their efforts continue to shift and change, forcing companies to adjust and adapt. Institutions are likely to face one or more of the following threats:

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Spoofing
  • Internet of Things attacks
  • Phishing

Information Technology (IT) departments, therefore, implement a range of protection to battle back. They must consider cloud use, network security, device usage, and infrastructure defense. These team players need to know what is happening and what people use to reduce exposure. Eyes remain vigilant on these systems with constant monitoring and updates.

How To Bolster Your Security Operations

Shadow IT pokes holes in the protective bubble and, even harder, puts company information in places without supervision. An unauthorized tablet or additional cloud account makes their jobs significantly more challenging.

Often employees may not think about how their technology use affects operational security. They hop onto a webpage to check something out. They may download software to bolster their efficiency and information. The action seems to help productivity; however, these choices may expose the institution to potential threats.

Talk to owners about educating their staff members about current network protection efforts. Employees should know the significance of their daily actions. IT departments can review the network’s capabilities and discuss Shadow IT’s influence on the business’s defenses.

Furthermore, owners should inform workers about the financial risks of Shadow IT. While IT staff may not find the unknown device, an auditor could. This discovery can cost the company money, with auditors fining the group.

Finally, work with IT departments to implement a zero-trust policy. This procedure requires the network to validate everything every time. Employees must gain authorization to access material and information, and without validation, it remains out of their hands.

Help desks provide a wealth of support, but they too should be part of this effort. People may call for password help. Ensure that anyone asking for resets verifies their identity first.

Cybersecurity remains a real and variable threat to companies. Agents should work with owners to know the impact of Shadow IT and how to protect themselves from potential exposure. Encourage a proactive approach focused on awareness and education.

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