Lessons Learned from the Adobe Data Breach

Lessons Learned from the Adobe Data Breach

Creative software company Adobe, which offers users cloud-based solutions to designing and photography, announced it was the victim of a major cybersecurity breach this past month. The software giant saw nearly three million customer records, such as login information and credit card data, stolen in the hack.

At face value, the attack on Adobe would seem extensive and problematic for a number of reasons, but Adobe is claiming the breach poses little risk to consumers since their data was encrypted. The company reset passwords and suggested that customers change theirs, especially if they use the same password for other login accounts.

But even though Adobe is stating the issue isn’t as severe as it may seem, issues like these shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a few lessons that can be learned by way of this data breach, one in a string of recent breaches that don’t seem to have a sector target, instead opting to hit major corporations as a whole.

Here are some lessons to take heed of while downloading all that happened with Adobe.

Everyone’s a Target

As mentioned above, cyberattacks and hackers don’t seem to have a certain sector they prefer over another when it comes to breaches. Small businesses, large companies, tech giants, and local banks are all just as vulnerable as each other to attacks. If you have data in your possession, you’re basically in the crosshairs already.

Threats Are Evolving

Every time a hole is patched up in the theoretical cybersecurity landscape, hackers find a way to get around it or introduce another way to breach a system. Hackers roll out new ways to breach systems and share this info among other hackers, helping each other out and perfecting their methods. Malware attacks and DDoS issues have increased in their effectiveness, causing cybersecurity companies to have to play catch-up in the process.

Even though this is the reality of it all, clients should not be discouraged from investing in protection such as cyber risk protection. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Cyber risk services providers should encourage clients or potential clients to invest in high levels of cyber risk protection to make sure their assets are protected after a costly breach.

Cybersecurity Systems Remain Vulnerable

Existing cybersecurity measures can only protect us from so much. Even with firewalls, encryption software, and network security protocols, Adobe was able to be infiltrated. The tech company couldn’t fully protect its data from cyber hackers, exhibiting the fragility of cybersecurity systems across the board.

It’s Becoming the Norm

Adobe is just the latest big-name company to be hit with a major beach. In recent years, companies like Marriott, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Evite, and Toyota have been hit with expansive, large-scale breaches, costing millions of dollars and putting lots of information in harm’s way.

These breaches unfortunately happen every day and are increasing in volume and effectiveness. It’s important to stay on top of the different ways in which information can be protected, like with software, and backed up, like with cyber risk protection through cyber risk services.

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