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Coverage Protection for Intermediate Care Facilities

An intermediate care facility (ICF) is an emerging trend in health care and offers attractive alternatives to hospital care for elderly patients or can support an early discharge from the hospital. It’s designed for individuals who are disabled, elderly, or non-acutely ill, usually providing less intensive care than that offered at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Intermediate care is a step down from skilled care, provided under physician supervision by licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. But unlike skilled care, intermediate care does not include daily therapy services such as physical therapy. Intermediate care includes assistance with cooking meals, provision of housekeeping and laundry services, and delivery of medication.

Residents of ICFs may also be anticipating admission to long-term residential care but require recuperation and rehabilitation prior to making the move. Additionally, elderly individuals with dementia or mental health needs with care goals that can be addressed within a limited period of time benefit from the services in an intermediate care facility. Intermediate care is also for those who have reached the end of their life and need a suitable environment and routine.

Addressing the Risks of Intermediate Care Facilities

Addressing the Risks of Intermediate Care Facilities

Connected Risk Solutions, a national wholesaler specializing in insurance solutions for the healthcare industry, offers comprehensive programs for intermediate care facilities. Our programs are offered exclusively through our agency partners and include the following coverages: professional liability, general liability, employee benefits liability, sexual misconduct, commercial property, business auto, workers compensation, as well as other key business insurance lines.

You can get a more detailed view of our program highlights here. In addition, Connected Risk Solutions works with top-tier, A-rated markets, with our programs available nationally.

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