Addressing the exposures faced by independent living facilities.


Insurance Protection for Independent Living Facilities

Independent living facilities are designed for seniors who seek a community for daily activities and socialization. Independent living can best be described as communal living for seniors who only need minor assistance with the activities of daily living with the provision of such supportive services as meals, transportation, scheduled recreational activities and a variety of other services.

Traditionally, independent living facilities have been patterned after apartments and condominiums. However, many of these communities are evolving to accommodate the different demands of our aging population. Seniors desire and require more services – both home-based and community-based.

Trending in Independent Living

Trending in Independent Living

One trend the industry is experiencing is the rise of independent living unit apartment developments in urban areas. These areas are attractive to seniors wanting to live “where the action is” and where there are multiple amenities readily accessible. Additionally, seniors are increasingly reluctant to live in an age-segregated community. They want to mix with all ages of the community.

Personalized care is also increasingly important for seniors looking at independent living options. Today’s seniors want real choices and experiences when it comes to food and meal times, living arrangement style (apartment vs. condo vs. shared quarters), personal connections with staff, and a sense of community belonging.

Keeping In Step with Your Client’s Insurance Needs

Keeping In Step with Your Client’s Insurance Needs

Connected Risk Solutions, a national wholesaler specializing in insurance solutions for senior living, stays current of how the industry is changing to keep up with changing consumer demands so that our programs are aligned with these trends and any new exposures that may result. As independent living facilities evolve, Connected Risk Solutions will help develop innovative solutions to mitigate risk and address the diverse exposures faced in this industry. We will provide proactive support and programs to help facilities control cost, stem losses, and grow their bottom line.

Our comprehensive insurance program for independent living facilities is offered exclusively through our agents and includes coverage for professional liability, general liability, employee benefits liability, sexual misconduct, commercial property, business auto, workers compensation, as well as other key product lines.

You can get a more detailed view of our program highlights here. In addition, Connected Risk Solutions works with top-tier, A-rated markets, with our programs available nationally.

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