Illinois State Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities

Illinois State Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities

Owners of an assisted living facility that houses 17 or more unrelated individuals in Illinois must be licensed by the state. Additionally, 80% or more of the residents must be 55 years of age or older. The facility must also be providing personal and health services twenty-four hours a day with staff assisting with personal needs such as dressing, eating, and hygiene.

Generally speaking, assisted living facilities are not for individuals who require more than one caregiver assisting them in their daily activities. Assisted living facilities are prohibited from admitting residents who pose a threat to themselves and others. Also, residents must need only minimal assistance moving to a safe area during an emergency.

Application Requirements

Standards and regulations for assisted living facilities in Illinois are set forth in the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Establishment Code (Part 295). The Illinois Department of Public Health provides the application for licensure. When completed, it must be accompanied by copies of the facilities resident contracts, service plans, and methods for quality improvement. The facility must also provide documentation verifying their financial status as well as proof of liability insurance. Other information required as part of the application includes:

  • Contact information of the establishment and the owner
  • Optional and mandatory services offered
  • Proof of regulation compliance
  • Operating expenses (accountant report)

Administrator Requirements

The state of Illinois accepts an Associate of Science in Assisted Living Administration or Bachelor of Science in Health Science with certification in Assisted Living Administration. Administrators must pass a test and obtain a state license. Administrators should also have skills in business and management and be trained in patient care, finances, and customer service. The administrator should have experience working with older adults and a genuine concern for the needs of the elderly. Most administrators have previous experience in an assisted living facility.

Effective people skills are a necessity for the administrator of an assisted living facility.An administrator must have the ability to work with clients, employees, and resident families. Effective communication with resident and their families provides the ability to meet resident needs. Administrators are required to hire, fire, educate, and train their staff.

Staff Requirements

Adequate staff must be available to provide service for residents for twenty-four hours each day. All staff members must have the skills and education necessary to perform their duties. Additionally, there must always be a person on-site with the ability to administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

There must be a file for each employee containing personal information and documentation of education and any appropriate certification. Additionally, facility orientation and any on-going training must also be documented.

Service Plans

Each resident of the assisted living facility must have a written service plan. Each plan must include a doctor’s assessment and evaluation. The service plan can include, but is not limited to:

  • Level of care needed
  • Personnel required for certain services
  • Dietary needs
  • Any special accommodation

A service delivery contract is based upon this service plan. The resident and the facility must both agree on the conditions of the service plan and such agreement must be documented. The service plan must be reviewed at least once a year, with changes made as needed.

The Illinois Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act provide a definition, guidelines, and enforceable standards for assisted living facilities with the goal of protecting the health and safety of residents. At Connected Risk Solutions, we can help you provide your clients with the insurance they need. Contacts us to ask any questions you have or to plan for service for your clients. Please call us at one of our two offices in Chicago at 847-832-9100 or Lansing at 517-676-7100.

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