How Processor Vulnerabilities Can Impact Healthcare Facilities

How Processor Vulnerabilities Can Impact Healthcare Facilities

Over the past few years there have been many news stories that feature major corporations who have had customer data compromised, which has been a major invasion of those customer’s privacy. In most of these cases, a retail chain was involved and personal information such as email and physical addresses, and even information such as credit card numbers. While this information being compromised in a retail context is bad enough, data breaches in the health care industry are often even worse. This is why having a good cyber liability insurance policy is so important for health care providers.

The Impact of Cyber Data Breaches Beyond the Financial Impact

While most people can’t afford to lose money to scammers and identity thieves, it can be even more trying, and potentially dangerous when health care is thrown into the mix. Those who use cyber espionage to tap into another person’s health records and insurance coverage not only receive health related services on the victim’s dime, but can potentially alter their medical records with information which is not accurate. This misinformation may lead to a wrong diagnosis or confusion about their actual medical needs. In some cases, records that are supposed to be private may fall into the wrong hands and could also impact employment or even personal relationships.

Getting Protection From Cyber and Privacy Insurance

Cyber and privacy insurance can help assure that information, whether it is financial, medical, or personal for any other reason stays private even if it is shared within a company and its database. At Connected Risk Solutions, we work to stay one step ahead of potential hackers who can use highly private information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers in a way that causes great inconvenience or harm. Within our cyber liability insurance program, we work with your company to see that appropriate checks and balances are in place, and that breaches are quickly corrected.

About Connected Risk Solutions

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About Connected Risk Solutions

At Connected Risk Solutions, we provide our agent partners with bold solutions for comprehensive insurance and risk management that are unmatched in the industry. We have market connections and collective decades of industry experience, including deep specialization in healthcare liability and managed care E&O, cyber and tech liability, management and professional liability, as well as captive management and risk management. We strive to develop creative solutions no other wholesaler can match and to help our agent partners give their clients the ability to achieve continued growth while simultaneously protecting against loss.

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