How Insurance Agents Can Help Identify Medical Imaging Risks

How Insurance Agents Can Help Identify Medical Imaging Risks

Medical imaging is a common term used for describing the multiple diagnostic tools that use technology to take images of the inside of the human body for a variety of healthcare concerns. Medical imaging is also frequently referred to as diagnostic imaging, because it is often used as a tool to help doctors diagnose their patients. Medical imaging tools like X-rays, CT scanners and ultrasounds can be used to identify a variety of abnormal occurrences inside of a patient such as tumors, broken bones or internal bleeding. Not only are medical imaging professionals required to produce quality images, but also to properly diagnose images correctly.

Medical imaging professionals have unique risks associated with their procedures. Not only are they expected to produce the highest quality images as possible, but they are also expected to properly diagnose the images correctly. Failure to accurately interpret results or causing a delay in a diagnosis can result in serious or grave complications or outcomes.

Identifying Medical Imaging Risks

Medical imaging professionals should be able to identify and mitigate risks by proactively reviewing policies, procedures, practices and processes on a regular basis. To assist medical imaging professionals in identifying and mitigating potential risks, agents can make some of the following suggestions to their medical imaging clients:

  • Identify hazards: whether it be risks associated with the actual imaging procedures or risks stemming from patient care, environmental conditions, staff actions, improper diagnosis or any other related hazards. Even common risks that aren’t unique to the field such as slip and falls should be considered. Any and all possible risks should be noted.
  • Identify who might be at risk: Patients and employees are obvious answers when considering who may be at risk, but additional risks exist with visitors or family members, as well as consultants and vendors.
  • Determine precautions: Once all possible risks and persons at risk have been identified, it is important, and required by law, to take all precautions that are ‘reasonably practicable.’ In addition to offering the proper insurance policy packages for medical imaging facilities, agents can help their clients create new policies that can reduce or even eliminate some of their risks.

Most Common Medical Imaging Related Risks

In order to help agents become more familiar with the risks the medical imaging professionals and facilities face, here are the most common medical imaging related risks:

  • Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosis.
  • Medical errors such as poor imaging or not attempting an alternate procedure.
  • Improperly functioning equipment or using equipment for purposes other than the intended use.
  • Negligence that the care provider knew of, or could have prevented.
  • Documentation errors such as missing records, improperly completed or illegible paperwork and untimely reporting.


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