How Healthcare Facilities Can Prevent People from Getting Lost and Confused Inside

How Healthcare Facilities Can Prevent People from Getting Lost and Confused Inside

When someone visits a hospital, they want to get to where they need to be going to see a friend or loved one who’s being treated. Or when someone finds themselves having to stay in a hospital for a week or two, getting out of their room to break the monotony is almost a need. Unfortunately, some people have a tough time navigating the white halls and twisting passageways of a hospital and end up getting lost. Hospitals may serve many different patients and needs but can make it challenging for people to quickly get to where they need to be.

But with new technologies, especially in the burgeoning app world, there are many innovative ways to help hospital visitors stay on course and get to where they need to be. For hospitals, this is a step toward effective risk management, like wholesale healthcare facilities insurance, in order to keep everyone safe and on their way to where they need to be.

Digital Signage

Signage has always been fundamental when helping people, including visitors, patients, and doctors, navigate the halls of a hospital. Having clear and easy-to-read wall signage helps to ensure that all people can be reached and can find their way. Digital signage can be easily updated throughout the hospital with up-to-the-minute information, making things easier when things change at a moment’s notice.


Touchscreen kiosks can be found everywhere from hotels to airports to fast food restaurants, giving people the power and personalization they need to get the information and help they want, the way they want it. Having touchscreen kiosks strategically placed on campus can make a big difference when keeping people on course and heading in the right direction. Some kiosks can not only provide information but allow people to receive emails or texts of maps, directions, and helpful information.

Interactive Maps

Hospital maps are now available as interactive options and can be ways to improve the overall patient experience. Interactive maps give people the chance to check out a location well before they arrive and get familiar with its buildings and offerings. What’s more, these kinds of maps offer point-to-point wayfinding capabilities that let visitors create routes for themselves and find the quickest way to get from point A to point B.

Wayfinding Apps

Mobile technology is opening the world up in ways no one imagined. From food delivery to dating apps, buying houses to creating travel plans, there’s an app for everything today. So, it only makes sense that the hospital industry has apps to help out visitors, like MediNav app, which basically acts as a GPS tracking system for hospital visitors.

Apps like these can be fully customized for a hospital, showing precise detail and general directions to help out users. Additionally, wayfinding apps not only provide directions within the hospital but can also display close-by amenities like hotels, restaurants, and car rentals.

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