How Does the Dark Web Factor into Healthcare Cybersecurity?

How Does the Dark Web Factor into Healthcare Cybersecurity?

A data breach can spell disaster for any organization in any industry, but for the healthcare sector, one that stores highly sensitive and personal information, it can be even more of a high-stakes issue. The industry has seen a rise in cyber attacks and threats to security. By the middle of 2019, 31,611,235 healthcare records were breached since January of that year, doubling the number of records exposed in healthcare data breaches in the entirety of 2018.

There is a market for patient information on the dark web including prescription information, health insurance information, or other healthcare insurance information. This type of information can sell for as much as $500 per listing, painting the healthcare sector as one of the most frequently and harshly targeted sectors today. The need for healthcare cyber security and more awareness around it can make all the difference when it comes to keeping patient information secure.

Data Security in the Healthcare Sector

Cyber criminals have been perfecting and sophisticating their approach to gaining consumer data in practically every sector, but have specifically focused their efforts to extract data from healthcare providers. From malware to ransomware, there has been an increase in activity on the dark web for healthcare information.

Not all data breaches occur inside a hospital, such as a phishing scam. Third-party software vendors continue to be a major attack point for cyber criminals. Staff negligence can provide an open opportunity for phishing and spear phishing attacks that can ultimately lead to the ultimate compromise of patient data.

How Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Can Protect Information

Healthcare providers aren’t completely powerless against costly data breaches and attacks. Malware attacks require employees to engage with either a cyber criminal or the malicious material they supply. Cyber hackers may be able to target healthcare providers with a lot of harmful material, but if those they target are educated and fail to engage with them, the efforts of the hackers can be stopped in their tracks.

More than 80 percent of data breaches, such as phishing scams, can be traced back to employee negligence, such as opening a bad link in an email. Having education and awareness around healthcare cyber security be injected into the bloodstream of employees can keep prospects of a major breach lower than without education.

Healthcare providers who offer well-rounded employee training can improve their chances of defending against attacks. Furthermore, working with healthcare cyber security insurance providers can help to keep an organization protected when it comes to paying out claims or re-securing a system following a breach. Having this comprehensive approach to cyber security will surely help to add peace of mind.

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