Healthcare Cyber Attacks Target Outpatient Facilities

Healthcare Cyber Attacks Target Outpatient Facilities

Healthcare cybersecurity is a vital investment. Businesses and facilities in the medical field are entrusted with patients’ most sensitive information, and cyber attacks against outpatient clinics can quickly jeopardize their privacy. According to one study, though, there are increasing cyber attacks on outpatient facilities, leaving these facilities, their patients, and the healthcare administrators vulnerable and distressed. There are a few solutions to these digital assaults. Inform your healthcare clients about the following four strategies to mitigate cyber security threats.

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

One of the biggest threats to healthcare cybersecurity doesn’t come from outside sources. In fact, it exists within the walls of the facility. Facilities that do not adequately secure their sensitive data will find that it can be accessed — and compromised — by nearly anybody who is able to access devices in the facility. This is a major oversight of many hospitals, outpatient clinics, and medical businesses. Even if data is only accessible to personnel within the facility, administrators must secure it further to minimize the chances of an internal breach.

Ensure Compliance from Third-Party Vendors

In addition to a facility’s own staff, third-party vendors pose a serious threat to the cybersecurity of a healthcare facility. These vendors often include suppliers, contractors, temporary staff, and many others whose presence in the facility is transient. How can facilities keep these people from accessing and abusing patients’ sensitive data? It is wise for healthcare administrators to impose additional security measures that prevent such parties from accessing sensitive data, and furthermore, make it clear what information they are and are not entitled to view.

Train Employees in Security Awareness

Healthcare facilities that don’t provide security training can hardly expect staff to comply with standards that haven’t been explicated. The importance of healthcare cybersecurity training cannot be overstated. Every type of medical facility should incorporate security awareness training into their onboarding process in order to mitigate increasing cyber attacks on outpatient facilities. Additionally, all staff should be engaged in continual re-training to keep security principles fresh in their minds. This can significantly minimize the likelihood of unintentional breaches initiated by uninformed staff.

Always Keep Software Up to Date

Finally, it is vital for all healthcare companies to ensure that software is always completely up to date. It isn’t uncommon for software developers to discover bugs and oversights in their own programs and then issue updates that fix these problems for users. If a facility’s software is out of date, they are left vulnerable to attacks that might have otherwise been preventable. This, in turn, leaves patients’ data vulnerable. Facility administrators should check for updates on all software regularly and install them on all facility devices as soon as they become available.

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