Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Cybersecurity: Opportunities and Challenges

Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Cybersecurity: Opportunities and Challenges

Technology has shaped the way that hospitals and other healthcare facilities perform. Yet as technology evolves, healthcare cybersecurity becomes more of a hot topic, and healthcare organizations must diligently stay on top of healthcare cybersecurity. As an agent, you can play a proactive role in offering specialized cyber and technology liability insurance solutions that work to protect healthcare facilities from today’s greatest cyber threats. Let’s take a closer look at the current landscape of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry to understand the need for hyper-vigilance.

The Need for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Across the globe in 2022, there was an average of approximately 1,400 cyberattacks weekly involving healthcare organizations, an increase of 74% from 2021. U.S. healthcare organizations continue to be the hardest hit, with 344 breaches in 2022. Most of these cyberattacks occur via phishing schemes, in which fraudsters send emails or other messages purporting to be reputable and trick victims into sharing their personal information.

These numbers are cause for concern, given that healthcare facilities house some of any industry’s most personal and protected data. Cyberattacks can result in revealing patient health information, treatment data, insurance account numbers, and other sensitive and personally identifiable information. 

The Changing Roles of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Technology has created convenience and efficiency within healthcare. Personalized devices can provide patients with up-to-date information on their health and healthcare needs. Imagine a future where devices could tell people what supplements to take based on nutrition, stress, environment, and activity. Digital technology can improve how patients receive care, but the move toward a predominately digital industry means healthcare cybersecurity protection is even more critical than before.

The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

To understand the goals that healthcare cybersecurity needs to accomplish, it is essential to look at the future of digital security.

Protection Through Adaptability

Technology in healthcare is constantly evolving, and as it changes, the security options must be agile and adaptable. Organizations must study the patterns in cybercrime to determine which solutions are needed now and what solutions may be more necessary in the future. Adaptable cybersecurity is one way to ensure a secure future.

Coordination With Interconnected Organizations

Many healthcare facilities are part of a broader business ecosystem. Often, patients will communicate with various providers in different facilities across the ecosystem. Healthcare cybersecurity must address the trustworthiness of other devices and data across each facility.

Management of Device Security

The number of devices used by healthcare professionals and patients constantly changes and adapts. Healthcare organizations need to be able to trust the devices and the data generated by said devices. Technology may include wearable and home-based telemetry devices. Adequate healthcare cybersecurity coverage will address security concerns for various devices.

Creation of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more common across industries, including healthcare. The AI must use threat analysis and source data protection to maintain security. There should be a framework for AI ethics to create the AI’s cybersecurity capability.

Creation of User-Friendly Interfaces

Accidents can happen in healthcare. If you have systems with complex interfaces, users can make errors and compromise information. While you need solutions that will protect data, you must also make it user-friendly so that consumers and staff are still engaged with the systems but aren’t risking personal data.

Securing the Future With Healthcare Cybersecurity

Safeguarding patient data is a paramount responsibility for healthcare facilities, and as technological advancements reshape the healthcare landscape, cyber solutions must adapt accordingly. It is crucial to recognize the necessity for specialized coverage that can swiftly adapt to the evolving landscape of cybercrime. Connected Risk Solutions recognizes these challenges and strives to equip agents with the necessary tools to provide tailored solutions for their healthcare clients. By combining robust cybersecurity measures and comprehensive insurance coverage, healthcare organizations can fortify their defenses against catastrophic data loss and enhance their overall risk management strategies.

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About Connected Risk Solutions

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