Risk Management: The Importance of Service Plans

May 15, 2014

The care plans, which Federal law requires nursing homes to provide for all residents, can help mitigate risk when ...

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Risk Management: Clinical Areas of Liability – Nutrition and Hydration

May 13, 2014

Frequently, the elderly show less interest in eating. Additionally, they may also stop drinking as much. Although the actual ...

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Risk Management: Assessing the Physical Environment

May 8, 2014

Facilities involved in providing services for the elderly must assess, mitigate, and monitor certain risks involved with their daily ...

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Defining Risk Management

April 30, 2014

Risk management addresses liability. Risk management in health care considers quality assurance, patient safety, and patients’ rights. Potential areas ...

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Risk Management: A Look at Staffing Standards

April 24, 2014

Senior care facilities are required by law to provide sufficient staff to provide adequate care for residents; at least ...

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Illinois and Michigan on Top Twenty Nursing Home List

April 18, 2014

U. S. News has just issued a report on the “Best Nursing Homes – 2014.” The data used comes ...

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The Future of Elder Care

April 17, 2014

Our economy is changing, and those changes are affecting senior care and senior living. In addition to economic factors, ...

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How Obamacare Impacts Nursing Home Care

April 14, 2014

Health care reform will be impacting nursing home ownership and care in a number of important areas; transparency of ...

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Singing Activities Benefit Seniors

April 9, 2014

  Singing programs for seniors provide enjoyment and improve the quality of life for seniors participating. Studies have shown ...

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