Automation: A Cybersecurity Savior, or the Source of Frightening Risk Exposures?

Automation: A Cybersecurity Savior, or the Source of Frightening Risk Exposures?

Automation is making its way into the cyber landscape with more energy as of late, especially in the area of Information Technology. Automation has been discussed as an answer to efficiency needs, taking care of the more mundane tech tasks while the more complex ones are handled by IT professionals. But while it poses plenty of benefits, it is also pointing to a number of concerns when it comes to cybersecurity risks.

Automated systems represent a reduction in stress on overworked, understaffed cybersecurity teams that have a tough time recruiting enough skilled workers. But a lack of expertise in automation is keeping companies from getting the most out of automation.

Automation in cybersecurity takes manpower to get it implemented and rolling among a cybersecurity team, and a heavy emphasis on expertise and knowledge is needed to do this. In a recent study from the Ponemon Institute, an organization that looks at cybersecurity in data and IT, more than half of organizations report a lack of in-house expertise, a major hurdle impeding the adoption of cybersecurity information.

Cloud Services and Strategy

End-user organizations have security management tools, but cloud service providers do as well. This brings up issues related to what kinds of tools will be used to enhance the overall security of automated systems. With better data hygiene comes the better chances for safety against a potential breach.

There is an inherent difficulty, however, with assessing or measuring the level of automation maturity and how it affects the security industry. A lot of companies don’t have the resources at this point to run security automation or operate it.

Automation Orchestration Tools

Automation and orchestration tools help developers and security professionals by allowing them to reach new levels of speed and efficiency while they use unattended processes in software. These frameworks, however, if taken over by attackers, can be co-opted for malicious intentions. Exploiting even the smallest vulnerabilities would enable an attacker to take down systems across the world. More automation and orchestration tools will be in the crosshairs of cyber attackers moving forward.

Robotic Process

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is being used by cyber professionals to control a wide array of operations technologies in the manufacturing industry as well as many other critical infrastructure areas. RPA creates a new attack opportunity that has many different layers and outlets for bad actors, including a robust web layer and data exchange.

While it’s still in its infancy in terms of being vulnerable, this area of automation is sure to be at the center of cyber attackers’ focus in different industrial sectors that rely on IoT software and cyber automation.

Cyber Risk Services

While automation does present benefits in streamlining cyber processes, it does leave the door open for these risks listed above. Cyber attackers may be getting their bearings when it comes to figuring out how to infiltrate systems, but it’s safe to say that gearing up for attacks now through cyber risk services insurance and top tier cybersecurity provisions is a step in the right direction to keep massive losses at bay.

Cyber risk services insurance is available for companies from a host of industries that may suffer an attack through social engineering, automation hacks, and more. By preparing businesses with cyber risk services coverage, newer risks can be covered against, keeping things like business interruption due to a breach limited.

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