Most people, particularly industry outsiders, consider insurance as just a task. A straightforward business assignment that requires an annual review and a checklist of decisions involving coverage, limits, deductibles, terms. Cut and dry. Nothing to get excited about.

Those people are doing insurance all wrong.

At Connected Risk Solutions, we know that risk presents a continuously moving target. It requires oversight from professionals who are active, involved and not intimidated by a challenge – creative thinkers who anticipate what’s around the corner. It’s certainly a better way to tackle insurance than just checking off boxes on a form.

We think our approach to wholesale insurance leads to more effective protection plans that make the agents and brokers we work with look like rock stars. And it creates a dynamic work environment — dare we say a fun way to build a career.

What makes it so fun? It’s not about office parties and casual dress codes — although we have those, too. It’s about an ongoing quest to improve, a thirst for learning and a constant drive to understand more about the specialized industries we serve. It’s also about committing to genuine partnerships, because here’s the key: If you want to reduce risk, you have to address how people fit into that puzzle. The more engaged you are with the people addressing the risks you’re trying to solve, the more effective your recommendations become.

If the description above makes us sound like insurance geeks, we’ll proudly take on that label. As a national insurance wholesaler, we’re driven to do all we can to help our agents and brokers build their books of business and ultimately allow their clients thrive. Connected Risk focuses on healthcare, real estate and cyber insurance, and this concentration allow us to be experts instead of generalists. We don’t dabble; we drill down and consider those specialized markets from every angle. This single-mindedness has also led to long-standing partnerships that yield innovative plans and products with fewer restrictions and more flexible options for our agents and brokers.

Across the entire Connected Risk wholesale team, you’ll find leaders who are always eager to engage and discuss opportunities with people ready to take on more. We’ve found that when you build an organization of individuals who think big, want to grow both professionally and personally, and know even a hardened insurance market still presents opportunities, work becomes less of a job and more of a passion. And if you check the background of any team member, you’ll find some impressive credentials built over decades. We’re proud to say we’ve assembled a group of real contenders — people who know insurance and believe it’s vital for any business to excel.

If Connected Risk Solutions sounds like a place you’d like to work and build a career, or if you’re looking for a more inventive approach for your own clients, we’d love to talk.

To get the conversation started, please send an email to Brian Daly at or contact us here.


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