3 of the Most Common Risks Faced by Assisted Living Facilities

3 of the Most Common Risks Faced by Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities give their patients the comfort of a home environment, provide them with the necessary services they require and give their families the peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for. Assisted facilities also face a number of risks, from everyday hazards to patient behaviors to newer risks like data breaches and other cyber-related attacks. Understanding the most common risks faced by assisted living facilities can give insurance agents the insight needed to address those risks with key coverage programs.

Here are 3 of the most common risks faced by assisted living facilities.

1. Slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common type of injury among assisted living facility residents. The resulting injuries can range from moderate to severe and may include fractured bones, lacerations, contusions, head injuries, sprains and even premature death. Even in cases with minor injuries, a slip and fall accident can lead to a decline in the patient’s disposition and willingness to participate in activities due to fear of falling again. Because assisted living facilities have a duty of care to their patients, they may find themselves subject to costly litigation following a slip and fall accident.

2. Staff negligence.

Oversights or neglect by staff can show in a variety of ways, but most commonly take the form of mistakes in treatment or patient elopement. Negligence boils down to staff members not exercising reasonable care of their patients. In general, assisted living facility staff are responsible for; providing meals for residents, offering help with daily living activities for residents, monitoring the health and medical treatment and medication needs of their residents and more. When assisted living facility staff fail to provide reasonable care to their residents, they can be found liable for any issues that can be proven to have stemmed from their negligence.

3. Transportation accidents.

There are some services that assisted living facilities cannot provide on-site, requiring the need for transportation. Transporting residents to off-site activities or therapy or medical appointments comes with unique risks. Even if the driver and facility staff members take all possible precautions and follow all safety procedures, they can not account for the behavior of other drivers or weather conditions that can cause serious accidents. When assisted living facilities contract third-party transportation services for residents, the risks can be even greater.

Insight into the daily risks faced by assisted living facilities paired with the right insurance products and risk management plans can help insurance agents give their clients the ability to grow their business while containing costs and protecting against loss at the same time.


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