2020 and Beyond: Healthcare Technology Advancements

2020 and Beyond: Healthcare Technology Advancements

A whole host of new and developing technological advancements are taking over the healthcare industry. Created to maintain good health, these investments and healthcare technology advancements aim to reduce hospitalizations and related costs.

Organizations in the industry are shifting away from using technology to advance specialty care and high-tech medicine to enable primary care. However, the continuing challenge for hospitals is finding the right tools and level of investment to take on risks and reach enough patients to justify the effort.

Here are some trends in the healthcare technology area that are shaping the industry for years to come.


Wearables help healthcare professionals collect a wide range of data from a more diverse pool of users. This comes in the form of remote patient monitoring, where specialized devices track metrics, including blood pressure and glucose levels, as well as through fitness trackers and devices (i.e., smartwatches) that identify signs of fibrillation.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a crucial part of healthcare technology. As healthcare threats continue to increase in both number and severity, AI is used to recognize unusual behaviors on a network, predict malware attacks, and watch for fraud, among other security measures. This kind of technology is helping patients take better control of their care, with tools that include wearables that can record health data and produce predictive capacities.


Teledoc services have been gaining steam the last decade, but with the spread of COVID-19 this year, teledoc health options have been thrust into the spotlight. More doctors, health systems, and medical specialties are providing teledoc services. As insurers move to offer incentives for telehealth, the benefits will continue to be more tangible. Someone suffering from COVID-19 could receive on-camera analysis from their provider without the physical and financial toll of traveling. Plus, they help everyone else by not going to the doctor in person.

Exchanges will increasingly go beyond a patient’s usual providers to encompass a comprehensive set of care needs. This is crucial for people in rural areas or areas where medicine and health services aren’t as accessible.

Virtual Reality

Not just meant for gaming, virtual reality helps everyone from doctors to senior citizens understand specific health needs. Some organizations are implementing VR tech to help with memory care, accessing vacation spots or streets of childhood homes. These experiences also help boost socialization and memory recall.

Vivid imagery provided through headsets is used in hospitals as a mode of distraction for patients undergoing uncomfortable procedures and treatments. VR can also educate by offering tours of hospitals to explain treatment.

On the operational side, VR helps surgeons visualize potential challenges before complex surgeries. It can also provide audiences with a new perspective on ailments, giving a glimpse into conditions like Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia.

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